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We are very happy you are interested in enrolling at Mary Jane’s School of Dance! Dancing helps develop poise, coordination, rhythm, and self-confidence. Our goal is to create a fun and motivating environment where these skills can be developed.


Click here to download the registration form - Registration Form for Our Bamberg Studio (PDF)

Registration is done on a first come first serve basis. New students should mail the registration form and a $35 registration fee to the address below ASAP.

You will receive a confirmation email with a class schedule once your application has been accepted . We are very fortunate that our return rate was almost 100% therefore class space is limited. If there is not a spot available for your child you will be notified and put on a waiting list. Registration Fees are non-fundable unless there is no space available.

Once your child is registered and accepted you are reserved a spot in class from September through the May recital.

Dance Class Options and Tuition

  • Preschool combination classes are 45 minutes long and the tuition is
    • $38 per month
    • Semester Payment: $110
  • Hip Hop classes are 45 minutes long and the tuition is
    • $38 per month
    • Semester Payment: $110
  • The 1 hour jazz/tap combination class is
    • $40 per month
    • Semester Payment: $115
  • The 1 hour and 15 min jazz/tap combination class is
    • $43 per month
    • Semester Payment: $125
  • The tuition for children who take two classes per week (both the jazz/tap combination and hip hop class) is
    • $60 per month
    • Semester Payment: $170

Yearly tuition is divided into 9 monthly payments. All fees are to be paid at the first lesson of each month. Pay by the Semester (3 months at a time) and save monthly. To receive the semester payment discount you must submit your payment during the first week of the semester. The 3 semesters start in September, December, and March.


Our Pre-k classes (3k, 4k, and 5k) are 45 minutes long and meet once a week. The children receive both pre-ballet and tap. They are required to wear pink leather ballet shoes and tan tap shoes. 1st graders and up meet once a week for an hour long class consisting of jazz and tap. Students in the jazz and tap combination classes will need tan jazz shoes and tan tap shoes. We also have hip hop classes available. Children in the hip hop classes meet once a week for a 45 minute class and are required to purchase hip hop shoes for the recital. Classes will start the Tuesday after Labor Day and go through the May recital.

Class Rules

Students should wear proper dance attire during class and have their hair pulled back out of their eyes. (Jean shorts and jeans are not appropriate and will not be allowed). 4th graders and up are required to have a pair of black jazz pants/ leggings. Dancers can only use cell phones before and after class. Cell phones are not allowed during class time, but can be kept in bags.


bamberg sc dance studio


The Bamberg dance studio is located at:

65 Dixie Ave
Bamberg, SC 29003

Phone Number: (803) 245-4200
Email: mjmaxbam@yahoo.com